Sunday, October 30, 2005

Teaching Fun

Educators Today
Teachers must not only be prepared for every possibility that can occur in the classroom, they must also be able to compete with the Mario Brothers and Ipods. Technology in the classroom can add a fresh spin to any lesson, but it can also grab students' attention and help them focus long enough to make real world connections and to learn.
1. Games
Games are an ideal tool to help to reinforce and review concepts. Students enjoy competing against one another and showing-off their knowledge. My students get excited when I use games that replicate the gameshow format that they see on television. You can find templates to use and tailor to your lesssons at:
This website allows you to make games like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Jeopardy.
2. Videos
Educators need help drawing students into lessons and helping them to relate to the subject matter. Students enjoy watching videos, and teachers like videos that are about their subject matter. At United Streaming, teachers can search the website and find video clips that cover science and history concepts as well lesson plans to go with the video clips. There are thousands of video clips covering a multitude of subjects that range from staff development to kindergarten behavior. The possibilities are endless. There are free trials available on this website. You can find this at:
3. Computers
Children seem to be naturally drawn to computers. Students enjoy looking for answers on the computer. There are many different ways to set up research and web scavenger hunts on the computer, but one of the easiest methods that I have found is using the website Trackstar.
Trackstar is an easy way to combine websites and questions for students all in one place. Teachers can make their own Track or use other tracks that are available to them simply searching the website.
What can a teacher do?
Teachers need to be constantly searching for ways to make their teaching effective and applicable to students' lives. There are so many ways to do this without spending a penny. Teachers should collaborate and share when they find better ways to teach. Teach smarter - Not harder.